Will Project Natal Change Everything?

The 3D Experience
Ever since the first Viewmaster, we've been fascinated by looking at things that weren't there that looked by-gosh like they actually were. B-movies with the cardboard red-green glasses, IMAX theatres with the bulky Atom Ant headgear, even those Magic Eye books that left you cross-eyed after twenty minutes. We've done them all.

And it may not be too long before, you don't have to go to the IMAX to get the Full Monty 3D experience. Jonathan Merril reports that 3D is coming soon to your living room.

But there is some other fascinating stuff going on out there in the virtual reality world.

GE has developed a do-it-yourself 3D generator to help raise global warming awareness. All you need is a computer, a webcam and a printer.

But Johnny Chung Lee is the Man!
Back in 2007, Johnny Chung Lee figured out a way to hotwire a Nintendo Wii -- and with a few items from Home Depot -- to enter a whole different freakin' universe. Amazing!

Now Johnny's working in the Applied Sciences Group at Microsoft and he's one of the masterminds behind Project Natal.

Beyond Natal
The question is -- what happens when 3D technology converges with the no-controller Natal experience? It could happen sooner than we expect. After all, Johnny Chung Lee has figured out both pieces of that puzzle already.

Are Johnny Chung Lee and the other programmers like him the Thomas Edisons and the Alexander Graham Bells of the 21st Century?

And more importantly, how will we, as sentient and conscious beings, come to define reality now that technology can play such an influential role in the process?