Seven Commercials That Prove We'll Buy Any Damned Thing

A hearing aid that masquerades as a Blue Tooth Earpiece?
Because nothing says sexy like showing up at a party wearing your phone on your ear.

What the hell is a Mind Sticker?!
Sounds like something out of a George Orwell novel. We're thinking this commercial was made before the women's lib movement had much traction.

Some copywriter got paid for coming up with the Ultra Brite campaign.
We guess that this ad was aimed at women because the lipstick thing just doesn't work the other way around.

You've never had it so Kool!
Nothing's better when you're hot, dry and parched than putting a burning, fuming stick in your mouth.

Kno, it's knot just a Knitter, it's Knifty, too!!

The BluBlocker Sunglasses Rap
His name is Geek if it's late or it's early...the face on his shirt is a Stooge named Curly...

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Manifesto Apocalypzia: The Conservative vs Liberal Tango

Divide and Conquer Cha Cha Cha

Advisory Warning: This post is guaranteed to offend everyone.

Apocalypzia is unimpressed by any debate that pits conservatives against liberals, liberals against conservatives.

This kind of dumbed-down dialogue goes round and round and gets absolutely nowhere.

For either side, all the ills of the world are the evil machinations of the other.

Political Paso Doble
It makes for great theatre as these entangled tangos play out in the media. But aside from stoking the smoldering embers of hatred and suspicion, these hissy fits accomplish nothing, at least as far as you or I are concerned.

obama palin

The map is not the territory.

Terms like conservative and liberal are just tags describing sets of assumptions, differing paradigms.

Thinking within paradigms facilitates our ability to comprehend complex issues.

But we can, all too easily, become prisoners of our paradigms. And when we do, we often abandon one of the most important tools of critical thinking: the freedom to challenge our assumptions.

Is this a gang fight or a ballet?
Once we deny ourselves the benefit of rational thought the world becomes amorphous, pliable and easily shaped into whatever others would like us to believe.

Once we abdicate our ability for critical thinking, we can easily be convinced of nonsense.

Shouting from the Right:
The government was, yesterday, wise enough for us to surrender all of our constitutional rights, freedoms and personal treasures to it in the name of national security. But today, that government is so incompetent and corrupt, it shouldn't even be trusted to weigh in on health insurance reform.

Shouting from the Left:
Weathers of Mass Destruction are the true slam dunk. The sky is falling. Polar bears will die and we will all drown in our own carbon-belching, incandescent non-bio-degradable waste.

We have been manipulated, managed, folded, stapled, spindled and mutilated. On this dance floor they lead, we follow.

They? Who's They?

How easily we forget the most important lesson of the Watergate Waltz: Follow the Money!

Follow the money...

It's the Divide and Conquer. The same old song and dance.

And while we swipe and spit at one another, the shadowyThey are tap-dancing all the way to the bank that you and I bailed out.

"Shall we dance?"

No, thanks. We'll sit this one out.

Manifesto Apocalypzia: USA, One Nation Indivisible?

flag girl

"The Civil War Made Us an Is"

The late master-historian, Shelby Foote, had this to say about the true legacy of the American Civil War:

shelby foote

Before the war, it was said "the United States are." Grammatically, it was spoken that way and thought of as a collection of independent states.

And after the war, it was always "
the United States is," as we say to day without being self-conscious at all. And that's sums up what the war accomplished. It made us an "is."

By Mr. Foote's observation, something fundamental and profound came out of the War Between the States.

The US became a single thing rather than a collection of individual things.

The American Experiment was essentially revisited, revised and reborn in 1865, less than 90 years after its founding.

girl flag

What entered the American Civil War was a loose federation of states. What emerged from its bloody ashes was a single entity, the USA.

Manifesto Apocalypzia:
The life span of this new American Experiment was not much longer than the original one.

In the broadest sense, America's postbellum cohesion lasted about one hundred years.

The perception of the USA as an "is" stretched from Reconstruction ... through the Great War of 1914-1919 ... the Great Depression ... World War II ... the construction of the interstate highway system ... and the successful Apollo missions that landed Americans on the surface of the Moon.

From Civil War to Civil Rights

But the American monolith started to crumble just as the legislative struggles in the mid-20th century Civil Rights movement were being won.

woman flag

Just as the last great wounds of Civil War and Reconstruction were beginning to heal, a new and terrifying division threatened to tear the nation apart.

And at the dawn of the 1960's, outgoing President Eisenhower sounded the alarm.

Them vs Us
Somewhere between Dylan and Disco, whatever had held the union united for nearly a century after the Civil War began to lose its grip.

The emergence of the post-conscription Military-Industrial Complex created a new tectonic shift that wrought havoc and destruction on the American social landscape.


The professional/ mercenary military and quarterly-profit-driven industry working separately or in tandem redefined the nature of them vs us.


Soon government itself joined the military and industry to forge an unholy trinity that viewed its citizens as useful idiots, exploitable opponents, troublesome others.

And over the course of a few, short decades, political debate transformed from idea-based dialogue to that of base-ideologues of the far left and far right screaming invectives at each other.

A history of triumph over despair
American history and heritage suggest that somehow we can find a way to overcome the tyrannical politics of divide and conquer. We've done it before and we can do it again.


... there's something different this time...

... in the social fabric...

... and our inflated sense of self-entitlement...

... has distorted the collective reality...

... that we were all in the same boat.