May Day!!! Run for Your Lives: 12 Months Down the Road

It was a year ago today that we launched Apocalypzia.

If Armageddon rumbled in or the heavens opened up sometime in the last 12 months, it got past us.

Over the last year we have had some fun though as we all wait for the prophesied end of days.

Our first week we talked about the latest Segway contraption.

Speaking of the Apocalypse...
Then there was our post about the religious crackpot, Harold Camping, who has scheduled the Second Coming for May 21, 2010.

And who could forget the Wilhelm Scream?

Who is the Glade Lady?
Posts about the mysterious Glade Lady were -- and continue to be -- our most popular posts ever.

dori kelly

The Glade Lady

Unlikely Trio: Perky Flo, the Lying Glade Lady and the Indignant Caveman

Who is the Glade Lady? Why does everyone want to know?

Dark Apocalypzia: The Parade of the Silent Soldiers

Though we generally stay on the lighter side of things, sometimes more serious topics have been the order of the day.

1950s Children's TV Shows. Baby Boomers Beware..!


And we even found the dark and twisted in things that were not supposed to be. Things like 1950s TV shows for kids.

The fabulous sisters that are Fiomily have kept us entertained along the way...

emily fiona

...and Sifl and Olly have kept us laughing

We even speculated about all possible roads that might lead to the end of days


We sincerely appreciate the support of all of you who have supported us over the last 12 months.


The End is Near

Theatre Usher:
Can I show you to your seat?

Comedian Bob Hope:
Oh I have a seat. I just need somewhere to put it.

Our good friend, Canada Peg, reported that she has done extensive work on the various terms used to describe and define the anatomical backside.

Her goal was to have an entry for all 26 letters of the alphabet, and she almost made it.

If you can think of some possibilities for I, Q, U, V, X and Z, let us know.

A: ass, arse,

B: butt, buttocks, booty, bootay, bottom, bum, behind, backside, back seat, back end, beam, buns, bare bottom, buttisimo

C: can, caboose, cheeks, cushion, clunes, culo, chu, callipygian

D: derriere, duff, the dump

E: end,

F: fanny, fundament, freighter, flank

G: garage, gluteus maximus, glutes,

H: heinie, hind end, hindquarters, haunches, hams

I: ?

J: junk, jacksie,

K: keister,

L: load, lard bucket,

M: moon,

N: nates,

O: outerparts

P: pulchitrude, pratt, posterior, the parking, pattootie, pygia

Q: ?

R: rear, rump, rear end,

S: seater, seat, stern, south pole,

T: tush, tail, tail end, trunk, tuchis, tuckus, tochu

U: ?

V: ?

W: wagon, wazoo

X: ?

Y: yams, ying yang

Z: ?