Marketing Missteps?: Seemed like a good idea at the time...

For a hot minute some years ago, Minolta reportedly used the tagline:
"Out of Our Minds, Into Your Hands."

That probably sounded good in the conference room when some marketing whiz came up with it but, sometime during the tagline's brief use in national advertising, somebody, somewhere realized that this wasn't the best way to tout your creativity.

Bimbo Bakeries, the US arm of Mexico's Grupo Bimbo, is the largest bakery in the country.

Bimbo owns six of the country's top twelve bakeries, including Entenmann's doughnuts, Boboli pizza crusts, Arnold bread and Thomas' english muffins.

The name Bimbo was made up in Mexico. It doesn't mean anything in Spanish.

It does mean something in English.

We're sure that Dr. Frahm is a fine doctor.

After all he's a Palmer graduate from the HealthSource of Naperville IL, for Pete's sake. That used to mean something and for some of us, it still does.

But we're thinking that Dr. Frahm skipped most of the marketing classes on the way to his degree.

Of course, there's no problem with having a bevy of attractive ladies in a print ad.

Nice touch, Dr. Frahm.

We just aren't completely sure what it is they're doing.

They seem to be trying to protect the Doc from a giant centipede in the midst of a very gruesome attack.

And if so, what are they all smiling about?! The man's in danger. This isn't funny!

Ho Toy, Cocktail Lounge, Parking in Rear...

Just as the word Bimbo doesn't mean in Spanish what it means in English, the term Ho Toy gets lost in translation from Chinese.

From as far as we can figure out, the word Ho is a superlative in Chinese meaning good or great.

In English, not so much...

Well, I'll be a Son of Hibachi!

Yes, Hibachi has actually used that tagline to promote its compact grill that they have dared to name, Son of Hibachi!


The Beatles vs Elvis: Rock and Roll Showdown

Elvis and the Beatles were two of the biggest acts of the 20th Century.

For the thirteen years between 1956 and 1969, the Man from Memphis and the Lads from Liverpool changed the very definition of popular music.

But when you look over the extensive body of their work it's easy to miss the fact that gentle ballads like Love Me Tender and Yesterday weren't the kinds of songs that first brought them to our attention.

And it wasn't Rock either that ensured their place in the Hall of Fame. No, what Elvis and the Beatles came from was not Rock Music.

It was Rock and Roll.

Raw, repetitive, raucous, raunchy rock and roll.

Music and movement forged in the still smoldering ashes of 12 Bar Blues-born Boogie Woogie of the 1940s and early 1950s.

Hound Dog
Heartbreak Hotel may have been Elvis' first hit but it was Hound Dog that really defined him as a Rock and Roller.

Rock and Roll Music
John Lennon's voice and energy were a natural fit for Chuck Berry's R&B sound.

Jailhouse Rock
Elvis belted out a rock and roll classic in this 1957 film. Arguably, the video clip shown here is one of the first music videos.

Long Tall Sally
As John seemed to cover Chuck Berry with ease, Paul did an excellent job in his version of this Little Richard hit.

Little Sister
Classic rock and roll from the King.

Roll Over Beethoven
George proved that John wasn't the only Beatle who could take on Chuck Berry.

All Shook Up
In 1957, with All Shook Up, Elvis ruled both the Pop and R&B charts for over a month.

Kansas City / Hey, Hey
The Beatles released a mashup of Lieber and Stoller's Kansas City and Little Richard's Hey Hey.