The New Martin Jetpack: This is Progress?

The Martin Jetpack
The Martin Jetpack is aiming to be the first commercial rocket belt. For $75-$100,000 you'll soon be able to strap on something the size of a Sears lawn tractor that will lift you about 5 feet off the ground.

Sorry but we're just not that impressed.


Fifty years ago we had the Bell Aerospace Rocket Belt
It was a fraction of the size of the Martin Jetpack and actually looked cool.

Of course, even the Bell Rocket Belt had nothing on the Commando Cody version.

George Harrison: Born February 25, 1943

All things must pass...
Though I was fortunate enough to meet one of the Beatles, I wish that I'd had the opportunity to meet George, as well.

It was through hours and hours of listening to George's solos over and over again that I learned that playing the guitar was about more than just playing a blizzard of notes as fast as humanly possible.

There was an elegance and efficiency to his work that complemented and defined the sound that was The Beatles.

So Happy Birthday, George! Apocalypzia honors you with today's collection of musical memorabilia.

penny lane

George and Paul met riding a bus to school
Paul introduced him to John, who first thought he was too young to join his group, The Quarrymen.

Before joining the Beatles, George formed a skiffle group called The Rebels.

George was the first Beatle to come to the USA
Five months before the Beatles' British invasion in February 1964, George visited his sister in Benton IL. During the trip, he sat in with a band at a VFW hall.

George suggested the major sixth chord vocal harmony at the end of She Loves You.
Producer George Martin thought it was too jazzy. John, Paul and Ringo trusted George's judgement and the song became the best selling single in 1963 and remains the top-selling Beatles single in the UK.

boyd sisters

George was Mick Fleetwood's brother-in-law at one time
When George was married to Patti Boyd, Mick was married to Patti's sister, Jenny.

beatle fan

George once said , "If we'd known we were going to be The Beatles, we'd have tried harder."


George's Something was, by some EMI counts, the second most covered Beatle song.
Though his compositions were often in the shadow of those of his more prolific mates, John and Paul, a song written by George was covered by more artists than any other Lennon/McCartney composition with the exception of Yesterday.

Much to Paul's chagrin, Frank Sinatra once called Something his favorite "Lennon-McCartney" composition and "the greatest love song of the past fifty years."

all things must pass

George was the first former Beatle to have a Number #1 single and Number #1 album -- My Sweet Lord
Some people would like to take that credit away from George, given the whole litigation dust-up involving The Chiffon's hit He's So Fine.

I would suggest they listen to Paul McCartney's I Saw Her Standing There then put on When the Saints Go Marching In.

The Twisted Child


We see the world the way we choose to see it.

Three happy siblings, arms entwined on a bright sunny day.

Can you see the twisted child?

Change your point of view. Still, laughing eyes and smiling faces.

Beware that sometimes that which is not right lies unknown and unseen before our open eyes.

Seeing is not believing.

Believing is seeing...

Can you see the twisted child...?

But shift perspective once again...

She was there from the start.

Her face an amalgam of a smile, nose and eyes cut, rotated 180 degrees then pasted back into the image. A twisted collage of all that you expect melded into something unreal and monstrous.

We see what we choose to see.

Look around you, at those people you have long trusted and respected.

Look at your celebrated philosophers, scientists, artists, educators, politicians and captains of industry.

Look closely.

Amidst all those who are knowledgeable, trustworthy, dedicated and intrepid...

Can you see the twisted child...?