The Twisted Child


We see the world the way we choose to see it.

Three happy siblings, arms entwined on a bright sunny day.

Can you see the twisted child?

Change your point of view. Still, laughing eyes and smiling faces.

Beware that sometimes that which is not right lies unknown and unseen before our open eyes.

Seeing is not believing.

Believing is seeing...

Can you see the twisted child...?

But shift perspective once again...

She was there from the start.

Her face an amalgam of a smile, nose and eyes cut, rotated 180 degrees then pasted back into the image. A twisted collage of all that you expect melded into something unreal and monstrous.

We see what we choose to see.

Look around you, at those people you have long trusted and respected.

Look at your celebrated philosophers, scientists, artists, educators, politicians and captains of industry.

Look closely.

Amidst all those who are knowledgeable, trustworthy, dedicated and intrepid...

Can you see the twisted child...?