Would George Jetson Drive a PUMA?

That's Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility for those of you who don't yet know the shape of things to come.

It's a far cry from the rocket cars we were promised. Have we only moved from a horseless carriage to a horseless chariot?

Dean Kamen, the PUMA inventor (and son of Mad Magazine/Creepshow illustrator, Jack Kamen), came up with a vehicle that's certainly no Ford Mustang Boss 302, but some think this is our future.

What? No Training Wheels?
Perhaps someone knows why Segway remains so enamored with its side-by-side two-wheeled balancing technology (Segway calls it dynamic stabilization). The original Segway is revolutionary but in operation it looks like someone riding around upright on an old push lawnmower.

Would it hurt to just add a third wheel so we wouldn't have to worry about doing a header into oncoming traffic after hitting a pothole? Yes, the two wheel thing is mystifying and magical but how about a little tripodal stability.

George J. deserves better, don't you think?

Instant Starbucks Gonna Get You

Starbucks hopes that Via, their recent introduction, builds a necessary bridge from self-indulgence to affordability. When Starbucks owned the world with kitty-corner shops on nearly every corner, they might have scoffed at the possibility that instant coffee was in their future. But sometimes karma can be a real distaff mongrel.

But don't call Via instant java.

The politically correct term is Ready Brew.

Can Starbucks reinvent itself? Smart money wouldn't count them out just yet. Anyway, some of the early reviews are good and Barista Tracy at my local Starbucks gives Via a thumbs up!