Colleen Corby: The Secret Supermodel

The Face of a Generation
Many people know the faces of supermodels like Cindy Crawford, Christie Brinkley and Tyra Banks. But few people know the name of one of the first great supermodels of all time.

Any Baby Boomer who ever paged through a Sears catalog or an issue of Seventeen Magazine in the 1960s or the 1970s has seen -- and quite likely admired -- the beauty of Colleen Corby.

The Most Photographed Teenager in the World

Her soulful eyes, open - pouty lips and Gidget-like aura and energy helped to make her someone adolescent girls wanted to be like and someone adolescent boys wanted to be with.

Oprah Winfrey acknowledges that Colleen Corby was an inspiration during her formative years.

A young woman who knew what she wanted.
She turned down a lucrative film career to continue modeling. And in the late 1970s, when she decided that she'd had enough, she left the business to pursue other adventures of life and living.

Camera Shy
She keeps a relatively low profile these days and shuns the spotlight. But we salute Colleen Corby for being the beautiful and prolific secret supermodel.

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Stores No More

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But long before this monetary miasma began, many household-name businesses bit the dust, though we thought they would be around forever.

Now they are gone but not totally forgotten.

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