For Women Only! Who's Hotter Than Who?

McDreamy or McSteamy? Grey's Anatomy
mcdreamy mcsteamy

It's the Ultimate Rorschach Test
What starts out as Who's Hotter than Who? is ultimately an experiment in self-discovery.

It is a journey within, where our reactions reveal more about ourselves than the images and characterizations we judge.

As they say, there are no right or wrong answers here. Your opinions are all that matter.

We provide no analysis, conclusions nor judgments about your choices.

But we're betting that when you've finished reviewing this list, you'll learn something about yourself. (We did in the Men's Only version)

And, hey, it beats looking at inkblots!

Email us to tell us about your choices.

Shawn or Gus?

Napoleon or Illya? The Man from UNCLE

Neal or Peter? White Collar
white collar

Darrin #1 or Darrin #2? Bewitched

Luke or Han? Star Wars
star wars

Dean or Sam? Supernatural

Dean or Jerry? Martin and Lewis
martin lewis

Sheldon or Leonard? The Big Bang Theory
big bang

Crockett or Tubbs? Miami Vice
miami vice

Starsky or Hutch? Starsky and Hutch
starsky and hutch

G or Sam? NCIS LA
ncis la

John or Paul? The Beatles

Butch or Sundance? Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
butch sundance

Butch or Sundance? The Real Butch and Sundance
butch sundance