The Five Best Reasons to Follow Women's Tennis

One of every ten adult Americans plays tennis.

That's about 25 million people.

That number is slightly below the number of golfers out there.

But the economic downturn may change that.

Eighteen rounds of golf costs you an average of $36.

With a $40 tennis racquet you can ace, deuce and love yourself all summer long.

Of course, we've never considered golf a sport. Anything you can participate in while smoking, drinking and riding around in a little go-kart somehow just isn't a sport.

Tennis on Television
But though participation in tennis is recently on the rise, TV viewership of major events is in relentless decline.

Back in 1977, when Chris Evert won the women's division of the US Open, according to Nielsen, 20% of US households watched the match. By 2007, when Justine Henin took home the US Open crown, the viewer share had plunged to 5%.

The world is different today and there are a lot more programs competing for our attention now, but that's still a pretty steep drop.

We can think of 5 very good reasons to follow women's tennis, however.

Five reasons that, indeed, personify what the producer of these five video clips appropriately called, the beauty of the power game.