If Star Wars Was a TV Show, What Show Would It Be?

Editing is Everything
When it comes to film and television, the individuals most responsible for setting the mood for what we watch is not necessarily the screenwriters, actors, directors, producers, or lighting specialists.

It's the editors who make the crucial difference in how we feel about what we watch on the big or small screen.

And it's in trailers for coming attractions and intros to TV shows that editors can have the greatest impact on whether we'll choose to devote and hour or two of our lives to what's being submitted for our approval.

Editors weave together certain video clips and music tracks that can instantly communicate whether we're about to watch a deep drama, a thriller or a comedy.

The editors let us know whether we should be prepared to scream, laugh or cry.

Star Wars: A Different Beginning

We all know Star Wars as an iconic science fiction/fantasy franchise.

But in the videos below, talented editors (amateurs we assume) used clips of the movie, themes from popular TV shows and signature graphics to create videos that totally alter our expectations about the Star Wars we're about to see.

Star Wars / The A-Team

The A-Team Original

Star Wars / Dallas

The Dallas Original

Han Solo, P.I.

The Magnum P.I. Original

Star Wars / MacGyver

The MacGyver Original

Star Wars / Airwolf

The Air Wolf Original