Apocalypzia: Six Months Down the Road

Apocalypzia was launched six months ago today.
When we started this thing, we thought we'd be lucky if it lasted six days. And how fortunate we've been to connect with kind people from the US and around the planet who have taken the time to listen to whatever it was we've had to say.

The brilliant Nancy Scott of Marketing Brillo was the first to encourage us to try this idea and we thank her for that. The omni-talented Peggy Ann Osborne has been a constant champion from the start.

Twitter Power
And our friends on Twitter have been phenomenally supportive. To name a few: the beautiful and talented @SharlzG, the deboniar droid @_C3PO, the ever-intriguing @niceguyted, the always-inspiring @Esowteric and the forever-clever @jerrybattiste. Special thanks go out to the majestic and magnificent @theMaraJade. We would follow these friends anywhere.

Looking Back, Looking Ahead
The future is forever uncertain but acknowledging this six-month mark, we're showcasing some past posts that we've shared with you on this journey, starting with our very first May Day!!! post. (Click the title links to go to the original posts)

Thank you all again for your time and support!

May Day!!! Run For Your Lives!!!
...destruction is the essential prerequisite for creativity and new growth. Out of the fragments of destruction today come the raw materials and building blocks of a yet undiscovered future.

The Wilhelm Scream
Since the Harry Truman Administration, this iconic scream has been the shriek heard round the world, appearing in over 140 movies -- and counting.

Behold a Pale Horse
At the nexus of a military without moral leadership and industry that profits from death and destruction lurks the true axis of evil.

recruitment poster

Ah Brasil Bossa Nova
Sinval Fonseca is an artistic renaissance man from Brazil, who is, among other things, a painter, a musician and a singer.

One Giant Leap...
On July 16, 1969, Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin lifted off from earth atop a roman candle that soared above the clouds and roared into history.

lunar module

Sheldrake the Magnificent
...the post-apocalyptic world will need renegade thought leaders like Rupert Sheldrake to be the trailblazers and the pathfinders of the new science.

Sarah, We Hardly Knew Ye
The apocalypse came early this year for the Governor of Alaska.

palin campaign

Top Ten Women of the Apocalypse
You can have all the Batmen, the Spider-Men and the Iron Men. If push ever comes to shove, we choose Girl Power to ward off the forces of evil.

Historical Hulu
Yesterday can teach us a lot about Tomorrow.

martin and lewis

1950s Children's TV Shows. Baby Boomers Beware..!
Froggy, frozen-featured and lurching, exhibited the Jedi-Master ability to force his victims to do things (embarrassing things, humiliating things, awful things) against their will. His raspy, gutteral voice, repeating the phrase "you will, you will," was the stuff of nightmares.

Children of Stardust
Right now, anything and everything that is within your field of view -- and indeed all solid matter in the universe -- is the product of the violent and explosive death of a star.