Hey! Aren't These the Same Movie?!

Maybe it's a new genre...

The attractive female lead discovers that the guy she's interested in is a cold-blooded undercover operative.

Actually that was the formula for a lot of spy movies, the James Bond series in particular. James (Avatar) Cameron's True Lies used that cinematic conceit also.

We're seeing that setup in more and more rom-coms lately.

Maybe it's the new hybrid. The guys in the audience get action and explosions, the ladies get romance and everybody has a good laugh along the way.

This summer, opening within weeks of each other are two movies which, based on their trailers, seem almost clones of each other.

This June, it's Kutcher-Heigl vs Cruise-Diaz...

The Killers Ashton Kutcher/Katherine Heigl Opening June 4

Knight and Day Tom Cruise/Cameron Diaz Opening June 25

By the way,
wasn't that kind of the setup for The Bounty Hunter a few months back?