The Real Thing

Make Believe

It's fun in movies to see the pandemonium on the bridge of the Starship Enterprise when Picard and his crew are under Cardassian attack or when the ship is spiraling hopelessly and helplessly out of control.

People are flying all over the place as the ship tosses to the left and then lurches wildly to the right.

It makes for great viewing.

When something like that happens in real life it's no fun at all.

Look at the ordeal the passengers and crew of this cruise ship went through when the craft smashed into rough seas.

Somehow the stationary camera (moving with the rolling deck) gives us a more frightening view of what is simulated in movies by rocking the camera back and forth.

Here's a less violent example of what happens when the world shifts under our feet.

And here's is conclusive evidence that you never, ever want to be at the business end of a tornado.