The Sarah Palin and Larry King Show

A while back we asked our readers to feel free to take a shot at creating an animated short film using the clever Xtranormal technology.

Our good friend Canada Peg, author of the hilarious song parody, North to Alaska, answered the call and sent us this animated video she created.

Beyond the Palin
Around here, we call her the Amy Winehouse of politics -- odd, hard to listen to and possessing a fame that seems untethered to any known or meaningful talent.

The world, much of which is apparently visible to her from her front porch, calls her Sarah Palin.

The Queen of Bizarro Burlesque, Palin represents the most current, and certainly most talked-about, humanoid on the political evolution chart which has, since the middle of the 20th century, shown a disturbing backslide to Neanderthal beginnings.

But let us be clear here.

The blame for this particular downshift in political discourse doesn't really lie with Palin.

Palin is just a shameless opportunist raking in the dough as fast as people are willing to throw it her way.

Nor does the blame lie with John McCain, the Dr. Frankenstein who brought this political oddity to life when he hoped that through her lightning would re-energize his flagging presidential bid in the summer of 2008.

No, the fault lies in ourselves.

The fault lies in those of us who feel so bewildered by the new world order that we hang tea-bags from our hats and incite a revolution that hopefully will not conflict with middle school soccer practice on Saturday.

And the fault lies in those of us who believe we have the luxury to be amused by overwhelming stupidity and to be smug in our false belief that someone so naive and blundering as the semi-Governor of Alaski could ever be within reach of the nuclear football in the Oval Office.

Or should we say nu-cu-lar?