Star Wars Auditions: Snake Plissken Meets Laverne's Shirley

Stars Wars Episode IV: A New Hope

- Released in 1977
- First film of a double trilogy
- Produced with a budget of $11 million; earned $460 million in the US
- Winner of 7 Academy Awards, including Best Supporting Actor (Alec Guiness) and Best Film

A New, New Hope

The first Star Wars film, later titled, A New Hope, might have been a very different movie with a different cast. Take a look at how the film might have turned out with an alternate approach to casting.

Kurt Russell as Han Solo
Kurt Russell would later get his chance to play a Han Solo-like character in the Escape From New York series.

Cindy Williams as Princess Leia
Cindy Williams actually turned in a pretty good audition here. She seems to get the idea of campy drama.

Robby Benson as Luke Skywalker
Robby comes off a bit too much like...well...Robby Benson.

Andrew Stevens as Luke Skywalker
Andrew Stevens doesn't seem to be sure whether he auditioning for Star Wars or Hamlet. Geez! Chillax, dude...