Friday the 13th: Mama and Other Scary Women

SCARY is one thing but CREEPY...well... that's another thing all together.

SCARY is that twisted, disfigured face that juts out from the shadows when you least expect it.

CREEPY is something that starts with your own imagining of horror and dread that steams into overdrive, anticipating the very worst that you can possibly conceive.

When you're watching a truly CREEPY movie, you become the producer, writer and director of your own terror.

And what you imagine, fueled by your own unspoken fear and latent guilt, is generally far more terrifying than anything the filmmaker could possibly come up with.

Mama is a recent film short by Andres Muschietti, a protege of Guillermo Del Toro, the mastermind behind the Pan's Labyrinth and The Orphanage.

The film is only about three minutes long. Watch it and see if, in just a few moments, you don't enter a very CREEPY world.

The Exorcist
The Exorcist was arguably the CREEPIEST film ever made. The clip below was not included in the final cut.

In the film as released, the fully-possessed Regan never left her room. Consequently, her bedroom door was the gateway between the world that we know and the depths of hell itself.

For that reason, director William Friedkin may have thought this scene of Regan doing her SPIDERWALK down the stairs didn't fit the framework of the film.

The scene is, however, about as CREEPY as you can get.

The Others
If you like CREEPY movies and you haven't seen
The Others, get to Netflix or Redbox right away. It is a masterfully done exercise in all that is genuinely frightening.

The line, "I am your daughter" is the epitome of all that is CREEPY.

The Abandoned
The Abandoned is one of our favorite CREEPY movies. Like The Others, it turns the tables on what is real and what is not. And those Doppelgangers are just freakin' freaky CREEPY.