Jerry Battiste: Apocalypzia's New Poet Laureate

Jerry Battiste is a star reporter for the Bluffton News-Banner, short story author, a great Dad, a terrific clever guy and a great friend and supporter of Apocalypzia.

He recently issued a challenge to his Twitter followers and online friends to suggest random words that he would then weave into a coherent poem for an Open Mic poetry reading.

We think what he was able to produce is nothing short of genius.

By Jerry Battiste

There was an entredentolignumologist
who fell in love with a primatologist--
with vampiric eyes of blue.
He fancied her
and she fancied him too.

Their love was hypergolic
to say the least.
They'd share a taco
and call it a feast.

Luscious chocolate star-filleddreams
Iridescent orange bubbles
burst their hearts at the seams.

Happiness for them was ubiquitous
Nothing-they said-
will ever come between us.

Her dad harumphed
and her mother did blubber.
But the lovers were recalcitrant
and refused any other.

They moved to Manhasset; to
a package they thought was fantastic.
The entredentolignumologist
got a real job-
but nothing too drastic.

He played a zombie in
an off-broadway show -
He had the viscera to give it a go.

She was the reincarnation of Dian Fossey;
a loquacious supporter of primates
and quite bossy.

The dichotomy of their life
was a lesson in faith.
Their differences evanescent
transparent as a wraith

Redemption was theirs
because they both were compliant
careful, causing consideration

(I said all of that just to rhyme

They lived lives full of joy and wonder
and not even death itself
could tear their love

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