Fiomily Unplugged: Up Close and Personal

We first came across the amazing Fiomily about a year or so ago.

We were blown away by the talent of the two young sisters, Emily and Fiona. We said then and we say now that watching them grow as musicians is like watching John and Paul finding their musical way back in Liverpool so long ago.

They were just kids when they started posting their covers songs on YouTube. Now they are blossoming into lovely young women and impressive artists in their own right.

They recently conducted a Q and A session for their fans. Check it out below.

It's refreshing to see the wit and humor of these young ladies when they set the guitar down and step out from behind the microphone.

We can only ask, if there's room on the stage for Justin Bieber, surely there must be a record company out there that wants to offer Fiomily a contract.

They deserve to be heard, don't you think?