Friday Fan Page: Emily and Fiona AKA Fiomily

Movin' On Up
The talented Emily and Fiona, AKA Fiomily continue to move up the charts on Apocalypzia's most popular posts.

With so much that seems off-balance and out-of-focus in the world, we like to applaud those who sing their song, dance their dance and follow their bliss.

Take a few moments this Friday to link back to our previous posts about this adorable duo.

Emily and Fiona Sing The Beatles

A lot of people covered the Beatles but Emily and Fiona capture something of the spirit and passion from the early days in Liverpool.

emily fiona

Fiomily (Emily and Fiona) Encore

The Music of Fiomily: It's Emily and Fiona, Back to Back!

It's a musical showdown with Fiomily squaring off against some of the best in the business.