Fiomily is in Parallel Worlds

The Fabulous Fiomily singing about Parallel Worlds.

We've said it before but we think the talented and beautiful Emily and Fiona are the Lennon and McCartney of the new millennium.

When John and Paul were lads in Liverpool, they were primarily doing covers of Top 40 hits as they improved their skills as musicians and singers.

And all the time, these early Beatles brought a passion and an energy to the songs they sang that made us stop and listen to the lyric as we swayed to the rhythm.

Fiomily has a similar musical gift and we're glad that through YouTube and MySpace, that they're sharing it with the world.

Here's the original Eliot Minor version of the song.

And here's a bonus. Fiomily singing -- of all things! -- Honky Tonk Women.

This is a darned good cover. And there's something about Fiona singing about meeting a gin-soaked bar-room queen in Memphis that is just too precious.

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