A Beatles Train Wreck: If You've Got Trouble

Anyone who follows Apocalypzia knows that we're huge Beatle fans.
We even met one of the Fab Four in a strange moment of synchronicity in front of the Ed Sullivan Theatre.

But being, arguably, the greatest entertainment act of the 20th Century doesn't mean that every performance is going into the history books.

When the Beatles were cutting the tracks for the album that would become the soundtrack for Help!, their second film, John and Paul wrote a song for Ringo to sing called, If You've Got Trouble.

Somehow the record-breaking songwriting team came up with a tune that was so bad that it wasn't released until it was included on the Anthology CD many, many years later.

The song is an interesting piece of Beatle history because it fails on nearly every level.

The lyrics are laughable, the melody is almost non-existent and their performance is amateurish at best.

The strongest part of the recording is actually the vocal. Ringo does the best that he can do with what he has to work with.

But listen to his exasperation when the song segues into the guitar solo.

To the Beatles credit, they thought the song was pretty bad too. They tossed it from the soundtrack album and included a track of Ringo covering Buck Owen's Act Naturally instead.

We think this song is especially interesting because it was composed in the mid-60s when John and Paul were still very skeptical about George Harrison's songwriting ability.

John and Paul were reportedly especially critical of George's first songwriting effort, Don't Bother Me, a song similar to If You've Got Trouble thematically with, IOHO, a catchier melody and superior lyrics.

George had the last laugh, though.

George's song, Something, released just a few years later, was the second most covered Beatle song of all time, eclipsed only by Paul's Yesterday.