Batman to the Rescue!


Admit it ...

If you were in apocalyptic danger and could call anyone in the Justice League to come to your rescue (other than Superman), you'd call Batman, wouldn't you?

Of course, you would. You'd call Batman even though he's unique among other DC Comics super heroes because ... he has no super powers. He just works out and eats right.

But still you'd use your distress call to summon him rather than the Flash, the Green Lantern or Aquaman. (No, Marvel's Spidey isn't in the Justice League.)

Batman Begins
Since Bat-bursting onto the comic book scene in the spring of 1939, Bob Kane's Caped Crusader has evolved into the Dark Knight. He's been booted and rebooted as a comic book, a movie serial, a television show, several cartoon series and the generally successful movie franchise.

The rumor is that Johnston McCulleys's Zorro -- who also had a secret identity, a cave and a loyal butler --was an inspiration for the character.

As for sidekicks, there have been three Robins - Dick Grayson who went on to be Nightwing when he grew up, Jason Todd who was killed by the Joker and finally Tim Drake.

In film versions, Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney and Christian Bale have all worn the pointy-eared cowl.

But don't leave 1949's Robert Lowery off the list...

That was almost as bad as 1997's Batman & Robin that warranted this apology from the guy who directed it...