A Scary Movie that Isn't The Exorcist: The Abandoned


Death never runs out of time...

Nearly 40 years after its release, The Exorcist is still the gold standard for classic horror films, conjuring up pure psychological terror from the depths of the unknown and the unimaginable.

The scary face that lunges out of the shadows in many B-grade horror films may get a shriek out of you.

But movies that crawl into the dark recesses of your mind and rummage through the twisted bits and discarded debris of your hidden self are the truly terrifying ones.


If you're looking for a frightening movie to rent this weekend, you might try The Abandoned.

This film won't scare the bejeezus out of you quite like The Exorcist but it beats much of the stuff that typically masquerades for horror.

In this 2006 release, the mood is murky and mysterious when an American film producer returns to her homeland, Russia, to claim the family home she has inherited from her now-dead parents.

In the dark, creaking silence of an abandoned house, she learns why death never runs out of time.

Watch the trailer...if you dare...