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The dead, in droves, come back to quasi-life, to roam the earth in stumbling slow motion, ravenous for human flesh and threatening the living with a fate worse than death. Each attack swells the zombie ranks until only a small renegade band of healthy living humans remains. Against overwhelming odds, the apocalyptic battle for humanity is on.

The Film That Started it All
The 1968 black and white cult film, Night of the Living Dead, directed by George Romero, wasn't the first zombie movie. White Zombie, released in 1932, holds that honor, followed by Zombies on Broadway. But Romero's NOTLD was the first film of a sub-genre now known as Zombie Apocalypse. We're not just talking zombies, we're talking zombies on a mission of world domination.

(Don't have time to watch Romero's original classic? Check out Jennifer Shiman's amazingly accurate 30-second cartoon version in Bun-o-Vision. You have to see it to believe it!)

Romero cranked out five films in the NOTLD series. But as his film franchise and the zombie apocalypse genre grew, the zombies got faster, smarter and meaner.

The Resident Evil film series, adapted from the popular video game, is a prime example of the current generation of zombie apocalypse. In the previous millennium, zombies threatened to take over the world. Post-2000, zombies have seized control and we humans are trying to wrest it back.

The Lighter Side of Zombie Apocalypse
But a movie that successfully meshes the apocalypzia mindset with the apocalyptic zombie film is the brilliant Shaun of the Dead, starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. Its special genius is that it's more of a romantic-comedy with megalomaniacal zombies in it than it is traditional zombie apocalypse.

And, after all, if we can laugh and love our way through the apocalypse, how bad can it possibly be?