The Do-It-Yourself Apocalypse

Armageddon! The Apocalypse! The Freakin' End of Days!

Will it all go down as Mike Hughes predicts in his innovative animated video, Apocylipto..?

Maybe you see the Apocalypse playing out differently.
If you do, why not express yourself at, a website that allows you to create animated movies from text and point-click maneuvers?


That's right. Release your inner Pixar and show the world your cinematic talents from the comfort of your own keyboard. There's a premium option, but there's a lot at Xtranormal you can do for free.

This could be your big break.
Xtranormal allows you to be the director, writer and producer of your own piece of movie magic. You choose the actors, the camera angles, sets, music, the works. Share it with your friends when you're done or upload it to YouTube.

Xtranormal's Felicity Van Der Bucks helps us cope with the econopocalypse.

Coming Soon
We've tried our hand at this new tech and we'll be sharing our attempt in a future post. If you decide to give it a go, submit links to your work to Apocalypzia. We'll post the top three that we think best capture the Apocalyzian attitude and spirit.

Lights... Camera... Action!

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