Top Ten Women of the Apocalypse

Who You Gonna Call?

If the dreaded apocalypse ever comes, who would you want to protect you?

You can have all the Batmen, the Spider-Men and the Iron Men. If push ever comes to shove, we choose Girl Power to ward off the forces of evil.

Apocalypzia names it's first ever Women of the Apocalypse Hall of Fame.
To build this list we chose actress-characters that we'd want on our side when the chips were down.

We also gave special consideration to the impact the actress-character might have had in helping to push the frontiers of females as compelling action heroes.

Let's start the countdown...

10 (Tie) Halle Berry as Catwoman

Making the Top Ten by a Whisker
When accepting the 2005 Golden Rasberry Award for Worst Actress (Catwoman also won for Worst Picture, Director and Screenplay), Halle reportedly thanked Warner Bros. for "putting me in a piece of ****, god-awful movie." We can respect that kind of honest self-appraisal.

Catwoman was indeed awful but Halle's charm and charisma at least helped us get through it. But more importantly, Catwoman cracked the diversity whip in the exclusive corridors of the Justice League.

And perhaps it helped her prepare for the role of Storm in very succesful X-Men franchise. And, certainly, Halle's Catwoman was more memorable than Michelle Pfeiffer's anemic portrayal in Batman Returns.

10 (Tie)Yvonne Craig as Batgirl

Tied for 10th place is another character from the Bat-Universe.
Many people don't remember Yvonne Craig today but in the 1960's she was a TV pioneer who helped break through the glass ceiling for heroines.

On ABC's Batman, Yvonne was one of the first women to play a super-hero (yes, we know the Bat-crowd has no super powers) in a series on an ongoing basis. In doing so, she helped pave the way for women who would come after.

Truly devoted TOS Star Trekkers out there may also recognize Yvonne as the all-green psycho Marta in the "Whom Gods Destroy" episode.

9 - Joanna Cameron as The Mighty Isis

"Oh zephyr winds which blow on high, lift me now, so I can fly"
Because Isis predates Wonder Woman, Joanna Cameron pushed TV frontiers as the first star of a weekly live action series with a female super hero.

This Saturday morning show was filled with positive messages for kids. Isis was kind, strong, good and had legs that could drive an adolescent boy to distraction. Trust us on that one.

Kelsey (Frasier) Grammer has reportedly acquired the rights to the character and may be planning a cinema reboot.

8 - Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy

Getting Her Kicks
Sarah Michelle's Buffy doesn't just slay vampires, she kicks their evil ass in the process.

Joss Whedon's television reincarnation of Buffy converted a big-screen cult hit into a TV powerhouse.

And Sarah Michelle could teach Chuck Norris a few things about roundhouse kicks.

7 - Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter wasn't taken too seriously back in 1975 when Wonder Woman debuted as a TV regular primetime series. Many saw the character as a sexy, campy joke.

But from our POV, Lynda was building on the foundation Yvonne Craig and Joanna Cameron created years before and, at the same time, helping to shape the female-action-hero future by offering a blueprint for Number 4 on our list.

6 - USS Starship Enterprise as NCC-1701-(A-D)

USS Enterprise
TV Acres

The Enterprise was as important a Star Trek character as any of the other cast members.
As is the case for most military ships, the Enterprise was clearly perceived as female. The voice of the late, great Majel Barret Roddenberry as the ship computer reinforced the persona.

It was the Enterprise that allowed the Star Trek crew to go boldy where no one had gone before and it was, indeed, the Enterprise that brought them home safely to Earth. She deserves credit for that. Engage!

See the Enterprise in Action:

5 - Sigourney Weaver as Ripley in Aliens


"Get away from her, you bitch!" -- Ripley to the Alien Queen holding young Newt captive.
The lead character in the Aliens series was originally intended to be a male. Sigourney, however, made the character all her own.

Driven by a powerful maternal instinct, Sigourney's Ripley had depth and nuance, allowing us to experience both her bravery and her terror.

See Ripley in Action:

4 - Lucy Lawless as Xena, Warrior Princess


"Don't talk. Fight!"
Xena was like TV's next generation Wonder Woman. The Warrior Princess series broke all the rules of female action stars and invented a few new ones.

The Xena universe was about justice and honor. And long before the BBC's Torchwood, Xena was bravely testing the gender-bending boundaries of its main characters.

Producer Sam Raimi must have learned something about super-heroes from this series. He went on to develop and helm the wildly successful Spider-Man franchise.

See Xena in action:

3 - Carrie-Ann Moss as Trinity in The Matrix

"Dodge this!"
Carrie-Ann Moss brought bullet-time beauty to the Matrix. On the cusp of the new millennium, her no-nonsense approach to the character Trinity gave new dimension to female action stars.

We definitely want Trinity on our side at the End of Days, if only to see her do that cool wall-flip thing.

2 - Milla Jovovich as Alice in Resident Evil

milla jovovich

The Power of Beauty, the Beauty of Power
Milla Jovovich is a supermodel who, in her action films, seems to defy the notion that she is a supermodel.

Milla could easily have made a more-than-comfortable living just selling cosmetics but instead she decided to help redefine the dirty, gritty Zombie Apocalypse film genre.

And she does it in style...

1 - Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor in Terminator

Sarah to the twisted endoskeleton: "You're terminated, *****er!"
How could Apocalypzia not choose Linda's Sarah Connor? After all, the second movie of the Terminator franchise was sub-titled Judgment Day.

Linda's Sarah, like Sigourney's Ripley, was a strong female character prepared to go to the limit to save her child and the rest of humanity along the way.

Over the course of two films, Linda transformed her character, emotionally and physically, from a shy server at an IHOP-type restaurant to the last defense against rise of the machines.

Apocalypse? Been There, Done That...
Linda's Sarah represented another giant leap forward among female action stars and was someone we'd definitely want on our side when the apocalypse churns the Lake of Fire.

Honorable Mention: Mara Jade of Star Wars

mara jade

Mara Jade isn't in any Star Wars movie but in the expanded universe (EU) of fan-fiction, spin-off novelizations and video gaming, she's a heavy hitter. In fact, she's reported to be the only Star Wars EU character to be canonized by Lucasfilms.

In this alternate world, Mara Jade was originally on a mission to kill Luke Skywalker but ends up marrying him.

How Popular is Mara Jade?
Tweeterwall recently pitted Twitter avatars of Star Wars characters against those of Star Trek characters in an online poll. It was a rout with Stars Wars locking the Trekkers out of every top spot. And the overall winner?

The beautiful and mysterious
Mara Jade!

Who is your candidate for Women of the Apocalypse? Let us know!