Dark Apocalypzia: 21st Century War - By the Numbers

War Deaths

Iraq Coalition Military Fatalities: Year by Year: 2003 through 2010

Total Iraq Coalition Military Fatalities: 4,748

The US accounts for 93% of all coalition fatalities in Iraq: 4.430

US forces wounded since the 2003 beginning of the war: 30, 718

Afghanistan Coalition Military Fatalities: Year by Year: 2001 through 2010

Coalition military fatalities have been on a distinct upward trend over the last decade.

Total Afghanistan Coalition Military Fatalities: 2,271

If this trend continues, the war will soon have caused the deaths of more people than did the 9/11 attacks it was launched in response to.

The US accounts for 63% of all coalition fatalities in Afghanistan: 1,440

More US forces have died in Afghanistan under the two years of the Obama administration than died in the eight years of the Bush administration.

US forces wounded since the 2001 beginning of the war: 9,256


Total cost of Afghanistan and Iraq Wars since 2001

Total $1.124 Trillion

Cost of Iraq War: $747.307 Billion

Cost of Afghanistan War: $377.255 Billion

By Household Iraq and Afghanistan: $9,597

Cost of War in !raq: $6.377 / Household

Cost of War in Afghanistan: $3, 219 / Household

Cost Comparison: The Moon Times Ten

The Artemis Project estimates that the total cost of putting men on the moon (the combined costs of Projects Mercury, Gemini and Apollo) was $100 Billion.

That is one-tenth the cost of the Iraq and Afghanistan endeavors.

It took less time to put men on the moon (1961 - 1969) than it has taken to win the still ongoing Iraq and Afghanistan Wars.

Sources: icasualties.org, National Prioriites Project