Andy Azula: The UPS Whiteboard Guy

What do the UPS Whiteboard Guy and the Empire Carpet Guy have in common?
We'll get to that in a moment. First of all, who is the UPS Whiteboard Guy?

He's Andy Azula and he's been the TV spokesperson for UPS since 2007. While there are few things more sleep-inducing than sitting in a dark room watching a PowerPoint presentation, UPS decided that a guy talking in front of a whiteboard was a good idea for an ad campaign.

Apparently they were right. We're not sure about the impact on business performance but our bet is that the longevity of the campaign -- some 48 spots have been shot -- is at least one indication of success.

But Andy Azula and his whiteboard also caught the attention of chief rival Federal Express

Federal Express has cried foul, claiming that something called the 2009 FAA Reauthorization Act delivers an unfair bailout to UPS. Congress recently passed a bill that changes the unionization structure for these two delivery giants.

Federal Express, in a nutshell, believes that the bill will expand the power of its unionized labor force, giving UPS a competitive edge.

So now FedEx kinda sorta has their own whiteboard guy now to tell their side of the story.

So what do the UPS Whiteboard Guy and the Empire Carpet Guy have in common?
It's not just the competition that has noticed whiteboard guy, Andy Azula. The YouTube is rife with comedic spoofs, only a few of which qualify as family entertainment.

Many of these spoofs do speak to the fact that Andy Azula isn't an actor. He's actually the creative director for The Martin Agency, the ad firm that came up with the UPS campaign.

The Empire Carpet Guy
Like Andy Azula, Lynn Hauldren, who has portrayed the Empire Carpet Guy since a few months after the Big Bang, was the ad agency guy who came up with this TV campaign idea for carpeting in the first place. When auditions didn't turn up the right actor for the role, Lynn stepped in and the rest -- if you live anywhere that Empire Carpets operates -- you know is history.

Andy Azula has a ways to go though before he can truly compete with Lynn Hauldren, though.
Hauldren not only came up with the campaign and starred in the commercials for over 30 years, he wrote and recorded the TV spot jingle. Oh, yeah and before that he was a World War II hero in the Indo-China theatre.

Top that, UPS Whiteboard Guy.