TV Western Themes: Those Thrilling Days of Yesteryear

The Lone Ranger
For many Baby Boomers, The Lone Ranger wasn't just a western, it was the western.

The Rawhide theme is perhaps the most iconic of all TV westerns. The lyrics don't really refer to the show itself so much as they do to the life of a cattle wrangler at the time.

Some people think the Blues Brothers' cover is pretty good.

After his successful run on The Rifleman, Chuck Connors returned to television as Jason McCord, an officer booted out of the army on charges of cowardice.

The intro, probably the best part of the series, depicts McCord's cashiering.

Bat Masterson
This theme seemed longer, and probably more interesting, than the show it described.

The Rebel
Despite the fact that the Confederate side of the US Civil War wasn't terribly popular in the 1950's, this series was a moderate hit at the time.

The theme song was performed by Johnny Cash.

The Wild, Wild West
Calling this show a western is a bit of a stretch. It was actually developed to capitalize on the 1960's spy craze. The lead character, James West, was a secret agent in the 1800's who had more gadgets than James Bond.

Though the TV series was popular, the 1999 cinema version, starring Will Smith, was no hit at the box office.

Jim Bowie
Because the rule was that every person who died at the Alamo had to have his own TV show, this program hit the airwaves for a short time.

Jim Bowie wasn't exactly as popular as his Alamo amigo Davy Crockett, though.

Clint Walker, who looked to be about 8 feet tall, starred in this series which has to have had the saddest theme of all TV westerns.