The 2009/10 TV Season So Far

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CBS is the big dog of the major TV least until American Idol kicks off
Looking at the TV season to date, 13 of the top 20 shows of the 2009/10 season are on CBS.

Four of the top ten TV shows are CBS dramas: NCIS (America's favorite program with over 20 million viewers each week), The Mentalist, NCIS LA and CSI.

The news isn't all good at CBS
Three Rivers was an early cancellation and several other shows -- Cold Case, The New Adventures of Old Christine, Gary Unmarried and Accidentally on Purpose -- may be on shaky ground.

Even The Good Wife, which would be a sure-fire hit on any other network faces an uncertain future on the high-powered CBS.

good wife

Dancing with the Stars
America's third most popular program is ABC's top rated show -- Dancing With The Stars. (The DWTS results show is seventh in season-to-date rankings.)

The network has two dramas in the top ten -- Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy. The last season of Lost -- kicking off after the first of the year -- should bolster the network.

Hank Yanked
One ABC show, the embarrassing Hank, is already gone. Several others -- Ugly Betty, Better Off Ted, Eastwick, the forgotten and Scrubs may soon be on the chopping block.

House rules
House, ranked 12th in overall popularity, is currently the only Fox program in the top 20 but Simon Cowell & Company will change all that in a couple of weeks.

Brothers struggling
Fox has several shows that may be on life support. Til Death and Dollhouse are struggling.

Also, Brothers, the Fox sitcom that we find refreshing and funny, may be on borrowed time.

Nothing to brag about
If it weren't for Sunday Night Football, NBC would have no shows in the top 20. That's right. Zero.

And the regular football season will be history come January.

Medical malpractice
Two of the dramas that NBC was banking its revival on -- Mercy and Trauma -- may soon be DOA.

But anemic ratings are only part of NBC's uncertain future. Some have suggested that the recent acquisition by Comcast may be the beginning of end of NBC.

Is that possible? Will NBC follow in the footsteps of the WB and UPN?