Stay Thirsty, My Friends...

The Most Interesting Man in the World
There's a rumor that Dos Equis Beer came up empty when trying to sign up a celebrity spokesperson a few years ago for a series of TV commercials. The solution, so the rumor goes, was that the ad agency invented a celebrity and launched the Most Interesting Man in the World campaign.

True or not, the brilliance of Euro RSCG Worldwide's marketing campaign for Dos Equis is how well it lampoons celebrity endorsements, leveraging off the outlandish popularity of Chuck Norris lore. With special irony, the MIMITW doesn't exactly endorse the brand but says instead that when he drinks beer, he prefers Dos Equis. A fine example of post-apocalypse marketing.

BTW, the actor behind the beard is Jonathan Goldsmith. You 1970's TV fans will remember him as one of the bad guys Charlie's Angels tangled with.

The beauty of the MIMITW campaign is in the details. Will Lyman, the authoritative voice of PBS's hard-hitting Frontline documentary series, is the voice talent. And the Dos Equis website is, as of this writing, totally devoted to the concept.

Philosophy Apocalpzia
The MIMITW campaign is further supported by a series of shorter spots where the character expounds on his life philosophy...

On Careers:

On Pick Up Lines:

On Rollerblading:

Maybe it's the beard, but we wonder if the philosophy bits were inspired by the Phistophicles series on YouTube, or maybe vice versa.