Abbott and Costello Meet Deadwood's Al Swearingen


The Last Laugh, Indeed...

Laughter is a great sustainer in apocalyptic times, offering needed relief from stress, tension and despair. Laughter is authentic evidence of apocalypse in the true revelatory sense of the word. The irony of light within darkness, darkness within light.

The classic Who's on First? burlesque sketch, popularized by Abbott and Costello, was a delicate dance of miscommunication and malapropism. It's humor and sense of comic timing, indeed, transcends time.

We're big fans of HBO's departed Deadwood here at Apocalypzia. If Yes Minister/Prime Minister is what Shakespeare would do with a political sit-com, Deadwood would be his offering about the Old West.

A beauty of Deadwood was its ability to so skillfully mix intense drama with moments of inspired comedy. We believe that its writers may have been paying homage to a classic radio comedy sketch in a scene between the profanely ingenious Al Swearingen and Mr. Wu, with his unfortunate one-word English vocabulary.

Abbott and Costello -- Who's on First?

Deadwood -- Wu's on First...
Deadwood dialogue, though magnificently written, can be quite raw, so be warned if you decide to watch the following clip. But if you do, let us know. Is Mr. Wu channeling Lou Costello?