Sunbeam Bread: The Goofiest Ad Campaign of All Time?

Yikes! Who Came Up With This Stuff?!
That's Little Miss Sunbeam romping in the fallen oak leaves. Her Dick-and-Jane face has graced the packaging of Sunbeam Bread since World War II.

But what's truly weird about the marketing for this product is the series of black-and-white TV commercials that ran early on.

This first commercial lacks focus, don't you think?
In the short span of sixty seconds, we careen through the courtship and marriage of a strange couple who seems to care more about Sunbeam Bread than connubial bliss.

And what's up with that robot-dance in the grocery store?

It's bread for Pete's sake. Just bread.

Bread isn't just something to eat for energy, it's the ONLY THING!
And apparently, the more bread you eat the more energy you'll have. According to this commercial, if you eat Sunbeam Bread ALL DAY LONG, you have more ZING-PEP, whatever that is.

What does a kid playing alone in a meadow have to do with bread?
The sappy, cloying flute in this commercial gives it a bad-new-age-music feel, 25 years before there was anything called new-age-music, bad or otherwise.

And by the way, did you know that bread tastes better than air?

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