Should The Farrelly Brothers Reboot the Three Stooges?

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They weren't the Marx Brothers and didn't pretend to be.

They were Harry Moses Horowitz, Louis Feinberg and Jerome Horowitz. But if you know them at all, you know them as Moe, Larry and Curly. The Three Stooges.

Putting the slap in slapstick, their endless series of 20 minute shorts poked fun at a society stratified into the hoity toity upper-class above and the great unwashed hoi polloi below.

Their humor was hardly universal, but it was unique. They copied no one and no one copied them. At least not until the Farrelly Brothers got this crazy idea to make a movie about the trio.

There's Something About Larry
The word is that the Brothers Farrelly have been thinking about a Stooges reboot since they were working on Kingpin back in 1996. Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest was the working concept.

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You've all heard by now that Benicio del Toro (Moe) and Jim Carrey (Curly) have signed on for the film. Sean Penn, set to play Larry, left the project in 2009, reportedly, for personal reasons. Other names rumored to have been considered for Stooge roles are Russell Crowe and Johnny Depp.

The Stooge-fan Farrellys believe that the task of bringing the trio back to center stage has fallen to them. After all, who else could pull it off?

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Been There, Done That

In 2000, Stooge-fan Mel Gibson produced a made-for-TV movie about the Stooges. In fact, not long before Emmy-Award-Winner Michael Chiklis created the role of Vic Mackey in FX's The Shield, he was getting pies in the face as Curly in this TV movie.

Chiklis, Paul Ben-Victor and Evan Handler did a fairly uncanny job of channeling the Stooges...

The Originals
If you like, you can look at the real Moe, Larry and Curly below. For a head-to-head comparison, the first scene in the clip above is a recreation of the scene at 1:20 in the timeline.

The Fake Three Stooges
The word is that the Farrellys are looking to make, not a biography, but a present-day reboot the Stooges.

Really? Isn't that like an updated big-screen reboot of the Dick Van Dyke Show, starring Will Ferrell?

For their fans, Moe, Larry and Curly weren't just characters but were the result and consequence of the grinding years of vaudeville and the hardships and hard knocks of illness and exploitation. From all this, a distinctive brand of comedy was born, particular to these performers, and particular to that place and that time.

Apocalypzia thinks that the Stooges should be allowed to rest in peace.

Your thoughts?