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Daniel Craig as James Bond - Neither Shaken or Stirred

daniel craig

If anyone understands the dark inner workings of an apocalypse, it's Bond, James Bond.

Daniel Craig was considered an odd choice for Bond franchise. He wasn't tall, he was blond and relatively unkown. Apparently, we're very picky about who saves us from certain destruction.

While Sean Connery's Bond was strictly Cold War, Craig's Bond -- patterned more after the Ian Fleming novels than the previous movies -- exists in a world where we've seen actual acts of terrorism more heinous than anything Goldfinger, Largo or Blofeld ever imagined.

And as for Bond villains who threatened global destruction if not paid huge ransoms, who would have thought it would be a POTUS, not an evil scientist, to scare the beejeezus out of us all with the threat, "If you don't give me $700 billion by next week, "this sucker could go down.""

Our Man Flint: James Coburn
our man flint

James Bond wasn't the only guy who knew his way around an apocalypse.

Enter Derek Flint. Saving the world with a cigarette lighter with 82 different spy gadget functions. Eighty-three, if you want to light a cigarette.

Our Man Flint was intended as a Bond-spoof but, in retrospect, the movie stands tall as the Roger Moore years took the 007 franchise into the cartoon zone.

Starring the late, great James Coburn, the film captured the go-go energy of the 60's and melded it with way-over-the-top but enjoy-the-ride film fun.

The World's First Ringtone?
But Our Man Flint has another great claim to fame. The movie introduced the world to possibly the first and arguably the coolest ringtone, ever!

Patrick McGoohan: Cold War Cool


The Original Danger Man

When it comes to Cold War spies, Patrick McGoohan's John Drake was, arguably, the coolest. He dismissed Bond-type gadgets and was rarely, if ever, sidetracked by femme fatales while on the clock.

Patrick McGoohan, himself, was so cool that he turned the role of James Bond in Dr. No. He wanted to play a different kind of spy, one who used his brain more than his trigger finger.

Thus TV's John Drake was born. Drake didn't save the world from evil scientists and meglomanics. He negotiated the rusting iron-curtain apocalypse in ways that we imagine that Cold War spies may really have done it.

Not a Number, A Free Man
Sadly, on January 14, 2009, Patrick McGoohan passed away.

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