Soupy Sales 1926-2009: Gone, Not Forgotten

soupy sales

One of our all time favorites...

Milton Supman, born in 1926, had two older brothers nicknamed Ham Bone and Chicken Bone. Milton, in time, became known as Soup Bone, which was later shortened to Soupy. When he became a disk jockey, years later, he took on the last name Sales and Soupy Sales, the entertainer, came to be.

Soupy Sales made getting a pie in the face a high art form.
His afternoon children's TV show was as enjoyable for Moms and Dads as it was for their kids. And it's hard to say just who was having more fun, the viewers who watched his show or Soupy himself.

Remembering the Great Soupy Sales...

Frankie (Original Jersey Boy) Valli

Pookie Sings the Blues

Fess (Davy Crockett, Daniel Boone) Parker

Alice Cooper
Soupy's sons may have had a hand in getting Alice Cooper on the show. They're musicians who have played with David Bowie, Todd Rundgren and Iggy Pop.

Soupy and the Stripper
Kids never saw the R-rated version of this prank the crew played on Soupy (and YouTube has pulled the raw edit after we originally filed this post). But here's Soupy telling Bob Costas about the time the crew punked him on live TV, along with the censored video.