Sifl and Olly: After Beavis and Butt-Head, Before Family Guy

Sifl and Olly were the sock puppet creations of Liam Lynch and Matt Crocco.

Sifl and Olly comedy sketches were originally filler between MTV videos in the mid-1990's but then evolved into a half-hour show. Somehow MTV never understood the pure, lunatic genius of this program and canceled it after only two seasons with unseen episodes still in the can.

We hope there's a large cult following out there for this show, but we wonder. A Google search for Sifl Olly generates only 46,000 hits versus 2.2 million for Beavis Butt-Head and 38.5 million for Family Guy.

It's probably more accurate to call the Sifl and Olly Show improv, with scripts offering only serving suggestions for the mad minds of good friends, Lynch and Crocco.

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