Sheldrake the Magnificent

If there were an Apocalypzian Hall of Fame, Rupert Sheldrake's portrait would surely have a place of honor there.

Rupert Sheldrake is the biologist and author who turns laws of science and nature inside out with theories that align less with Freud's mechanical universe and more with Jung's quantum cosmos, where the collective unconscious is as valid a force of nature as electromagnetism.

And he indeed believes, Jedi-like, that the Force is with us. He postulates that unseen morphic resonance fields surround all matter communicating information about form and structure, amazingly linking and cross-linking past and future.

Composite photographs of 30 female and 45 male staffers at the John Innes Institute provide eerie insight into Mr. Sheldrake's theories of morphic resonance and formative causation.

The Sense of Being Stared At
Ever had the feeling that someone was staring at you and been right? Mr. Sheldrake believes that the act of seeing is hardly passive and that, instead, we interact with and change that which we observe.

alex grey

Sound fantastic? Surely it does, but the 1935 theory of Shrodinger's Cat discusses the entanglement phenomenon in very similar terms.

Telephone Telepathy
Ever heard the phone ring and known who it was before answering? (And we're not talking distinctive ring tones here.) Mr. Sheldrake can shed light on why and how.

To be sure, Mr. Sheldrake is not without critics both inside and outside of the scientific community. But he takes on all comers in lively and ongoing debate about the nature of all things. Such is the life of true revolutionary thinkers.

And the post-apocalyptic world will need renegade thought leaders like Rupert Sheldrake to be the trailblazers and the pathfinders of the new science.

The Parking Lot Theory
We had the privilege of meeting Mr. Sheldrake a few years ago and found him to be as gracious as he is brilliant. He listened with apparent interest to our Sheldrakian postulate that a kind of social gravity -- similar to that which causes matter to move toward matter -- causes organisms and -- even events -- to cluster: a phenomenon we call the Parking Lot Theory.

After a moment's reflection, the Magnificent Sheldrake said it was a theory worthy of being tested. Though he did not say, and in no way indicated, that we had found an answer to the great mysteries of the universe, we left the meeting feeling inspired and validated.

You'll be able to participate in an experiment to test this theory in an upcoming post here at Apocalypzia.

Senseless Attack
In preparing this entry, we learned that Mr. Sheldrake had been the unfortunate victim of a Monica Seles type attack in 2008. We understand that he has recovered and is doing well. We wish him the best.