Sex Sells: Even Back in TV's Golden Age

sex sells

This 2008 Levis 501 Commercial Isn't Going Where You Think
But there's no question what the message is here.

In TV's Golden Age, sex was just as important as it is today.
Though generally handled with nuance and double meaning, Mad Men Ad Men back in the day seemed determined to embed a sexual dimension somewhere in a TV commercial's message.

Maybe TV's Golden Age wasn't so puritanical, after all.

Do you agree with us about the ads below? Or is it just us?

The best part of waking up is Folger's in your cup...
Are you picking up on a sexual subtext in this vintage Folger's Coffee commercial?

The Swedish Mrs. Olson went from house to house mending troubled marriages by teaching young couples new techniques to bring them closer together.

And it wasn't just Mrs. Olson either.
Folgers dispatched Mr. McGregor to push Folger's Instant as some vague kind of marital aid.

Take it Off. Take it All Off!
There was nothing subliminal about Swedish blonde bombshell Gunilla Knudsen begging men to take everything off, backed by the blaring horns of David Rose's "The Stripper."

Shaving never sounded so sexy.

A Silly Millimeter Longer
Could any ad be less subtle than this?

What every man wants ... a pack of smokes with a great set of gams
This commercial doesn't have any sex appeal today but we figure that, sometime during the Eisenhower administration, TV viewers were going Hubba Hubba over this ad.

And by the way, how must it have felt to have been one of the dancers who didn't make the cut at the auditions for this commercial?

I Love Lucy...if you catch my drift...
Rumor has it that Desi had an eye for the ladies and Lucille Ball had some difficulty holding his attention. All this makes more interesting Lucy's line, "You see how easy it is to keep a man happy?"

A Little Dab'll Do Ya
Is this woman doing some kind of creepy breeding potential analysis? Is that what she means by the comment that the guy's hair is "so disturbingly healthy, so full of life?"

Of course, times change...
Big-time Hollywood actor and star of Transformers, Josh Duhamel, here, looks more like the before picture in the Brylcreem commercial.