The Scream

This has probably happened to you.

And if it hasn't yet, it will. You'll be watching some seemingly innocent video on YouTube. Perhaps it's described as an optical illusion or as authentic ghost footage.

Just as you're settling into it, a horrifying image is flashed on the screen often accompanied by a shrill scream. Sometimes the image is horrible and macabre. Some twisted, ghoulish image.

These little audio/visual surprises are known as screamers. And even if the image is not necessarily frightening, the shock alone can give you a start.

phantom of the opera

SCREAMER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The following video is presented for instructional purposes only. It is a screamer and the horrifying shock kicks in at about :14 seconds. Do not watch this unless you want to experience a scary screaming Screamer!


What possesses someone to do something like that?
Stunts like this remind us that (1) the web is in many ways still a frontier town and (2) the average emotional age of some people who post video on the web is about 12.

How to Protect Yourself...
It is a strange kind of long distance assault. One way to protect yourself when YouTubing is to scan the comments before viewing before viewing. But you knew that. And if you're that first to be pranked, you might leave a warning for the viewers to follow.

Though we disapprove of people posting video in such a disingenuous manner, there is one exception that we give a thumbs up to.

Getting Rick Roll'd!