From Russian Mad Men, With Love

Free Entertainment for a Long Holiday Weekend.

Sandybro put this YouTube clip together of three TV commercials from Soviet TV circa the 1980's. Our unnecessary comments and comparisons to US ads are below.

Commercial 1 - A Dimmer Switch?
We speak a little Russian here but obviously not nearly enough to know what the hell is going on in the first commercial. As far as we can tell it's an ad for a dimmer switch. But not just any dimmer switch.

This is largest most colorful dimmer switch in world! In Russia, you don't dim lights. Lights dim you!

Free World Competitor - The Clapper
This Soviet dimmer switch commercial was pretty bad but the Clapper spot isn't exactly Clio material. By the way, does the woman -- turning off the TV while in bed -- fall asleep awfully fast?

Commercial 2 - Men's Clothing - What the well-dressed KGB agent is wearing this year!
We always wondered where Borat bought his clothes. Is it just us or was that a young Putin in there somewhere?

Free World Competitor: Men's Warehouse
Actually we think the Soviet ad is a little more fun -- in its own wacky way -- than this vintage George Zimmer commercial.

Commercial 3 - Portable Cassette Player
The Russian cassette player was so huge it apparently took two people to carry it.

Free World Competitor - Sony Walkman
At least there was a romantic angle to the Russian commercial. This speak-and-spell US Walkman commercial doesn't even have that going for it.