Reverse Speech: Satanic or Sham?

regan demon

There's no argument that reverse speech is one of the creepiest sounds ever.

There was that frightening scene in William Friedkin's The Exorcist when the Jesuit priest hears the demonic utterances of the young possessed girl emerge while playing a tape recording of her voice in reverse.

That's fine for a horror movie, but is there any truth in it? Is reverse speech the secret language of great beyond?

David John Oates

David John Oates is convinced there's something there.

He's one of the most leading proponents of the validity of reverse speech as a doorway to the subconscious. He calls it the seventh sense that offers a portal into an unknown world of the mind.

To him, the unconscious reverse-speaking part of the brain is beyond our ability to subvert or compromise. To Oates, the reverse voice speaks only the truth.


We've looked at his evidence and we're just not convinced. It seems to us that the reverse vocalizations are just gibberish until Oates tells us what they mean. And even then it's a stretch to make any real sense out of any of this.

Listen for yourself.

Clicking on any of the reverse speech quotes below will open a new window that will allow you to play a QuickTime audio. Come back to the Apocalypzia window to continue here.

Hillary Clinton

"I surely would fit in."


"Innocent! Innocent!"

"I'm not telling."

david john oates

Perhaps the clearest example of reverse speech, interestingly, is provided by David John Oates himself, who claims that he just happened to be tape recording himself when his house caught on fire. Hmmm...

The house is on fire!

Even Art Bell isn't buying this

art bell

It's one thing that we don't see anything in this reverse speech gibberish but even Art Bell, original host of the all-night paranormal all-things-wacky radio show -- Coast-to-Coast, has problems with Oates and the two have a history of acrimonious litigation.

So what's your take on reverse speech? Satanic or sham?