It's about to get ugly.

Some seemingly innocent incident has touched off a potentially dangerous showdown. Maybe you've just become the target of someone's anger ... or maybe you've just targeted someone else.

Either way, your blood boils and you look into -- or out through -- murderous eyes.

Beyond the Highway
Road rage is what we call it on the highway. But it can happen anywhere and everywhere. Wherever anger seems to overtake reason. Whenever we feel we've taken just about as much as we can take.

We often blame these incidents on short tempers and bad manners, and surely that explains most of them.

Beneath the Surface
Sometimes, however, something more seems to be bubbling under the skin. Something for which the random incident is not the cause of the problem but more like a rupture point no longer able to contain volcanic pressure.

At this level of intensity, rage morphs into something more formidable, something more volatile.


We've all been through a lot lately. We've seen the institutions we trusted to govern us, protect us, invest us and inform us, one by one, desert us and expect us to clean up the mess.

We've been pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed and numbered. We've pleaded for help and waited for rescue. And after it all, we've been left to our own devices.

Mad as Hell
It's been a third of a century since Paddy Chayefsky's Network was released yet Howard Beale's magnificent monologue may be even more timely and appropriate now than it was then.

We'll get through this next apocalypse and Howard is eloquent in his suggestions how...