Unlikely Trio: Perky Flo, the Lying Glade Lady and the Indignant Caveman


Geico Fatigue?
After years of talking gecko's, voyeuristic dollar bills and indignant cavemen, the frenetic and schizophrenic Geico Insurance commercial blitz seems to have gotten overwhelming, predictable and very tired.

Flo, the Progressive Insurance Lady, however, still seems to us to be a fresh face.

Of course, the face above, belonging to Stephanie Courtney, is not the face of Flo that we're familiar with.

We're used to seeing her like this...

But what does Flo do on her days off?

Apparently, she does yoga with the Glade Lady...

And does HR counseling for the Geico Caveman...

Do all these spokespersons hang out together? Do they hold their own convention?

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