Oval Office Address on Oil: No, Not that One, the Other One

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Presidential Prophesy

In 1961, during his final days in office, President Eisenhower addressed the nation from the Oval Office and offered a chilling prophesy concerning a danger that he called the Military-Industrial Complex.

Decades before the comings of Halliburton and Blackwater, he warned that if Americans were not vigilant, foreign policy and war could become matters of commerce, profit and unchecked corporate greed.

In 1977, President Carter addressed the nation from the Oval Office. He too sounded a warning. He expressed his deep concern that energy policy at the time was being formulated with breathtaking disregard for the fact that oil was a finite resource.

Decades before the coming of deep water drilling, he told the world that if we continued down that reckless path something terrible awaited us.

Perhaps we should have listened more carefully to what President Carter had to say...