Pleasantville Revisited: The Wonderful World of Color

ike carter

Something happened to the world sometime between the 1950s and the 1970s.
It changed from black and white to color. Images captured on film in the first half of the 20th century were in shades of grey.

Time Barrier
In a way reminiscent of the movie, Pleasantville, black and white film is a time marker separating the distant and inaccessible past from all that is more recent and more relevant.

1920s Fashions - In Color
That's why this clip seems somehow anachronistic. The 1920s aren't supposed to look as vibrant as this. The people shown in films from this earlier time aren't supposed to look

Tomorrow we may both be gone...
The beautiful, young women in this video may no longer be with us yet the color of the film seems to bring a living glow to them. And the lyrics of the soundtrack are poignant, are they not?

Life is so uncertain
And no one seems to know
How long we have to linger on
Tomorrow we may both be gone
Love me tonight...