The Power of the Narrative: Phil Davison Revisited

The Narrative is a powerful, scary thing folks

You've no doubt already seen this video of clip of Phil Davison's attempt to secure a spot on the Republican side of the Ohio ballot in the election for Stark County Treasurer.

The raw footage of his way-over-the-top address has been a fast growing viral phenomenon.

But what some clever YouTube mashups reveal is very interesting.

Set in the context of the brilliant Matt Foley SNL sketch performed by the late Chris Farley, the Phil Davison rant seems right at home.

Same Speech, Different Context
But when you watch the same speech, heavily edited and backed by the dramatic Lord of the Rings soundtrack, ask yourself something:

If you'd seen this edited clip instead of the raw footage, would it have been so funny?

Would it have sounded as over-the-top?; as ridiculous?

Maybe, maybe not.

The Narrative is a powerful, scary thing folks

Just ask Howard Dean. Back in 2004 he finished in third place in the Iowa Caucus.

But that isn't what defined his political future. Barack Obama went on to victory after losing the New Hampshire Primary in 2008.

In Dean's concession speech to his supporters, while battling exhaustion and the flu, he did something that changed the context by which potential voters viewed him.

With one short scream, Dean's narrative was forever altered.

And one month later he dropped out of the race.

The Narrative is a powerful, scary thing folks