Cola Wars - Round 1... Pepsi Pours It On...

If you don't know who Maria Sansone is, you may not be in the Pepsi Generation anymore.
Maria hosts PopTub, YouTube's internet answer to Joel McHale's The Soup. (You do know, Joel McHale, right?)

PopTub is an edgy viral marketing campaign that is a collaboration between YouTube owner, Google, and Embassy Row, a Pepsi production company.

About the same time Pepsi was launching PopTub, it was ending its 50 year relationship with the BBDO Ad Agency -- a partnership that helped to change the fundamentals of brand marketing. Is Pepsi looking ahead to the next generation with PopTub?

For Those Who Think Young...
In the decades-long battle for King of Cola Mountain, Coke and Pepsi have taken very different paths to promote their brands.

Coke took the traditional in-your-face product focus. The central message of Coke commercials was that you couldn't have a good time without Coke. After all, Coke was the Real Thing!, Coke was It! And if you could just teach the whole world to sing and drink Coke, there would be peace on the planet.

Does this Coke commercial seem a little self-indulgent to you?
This is so not Maria Sansone! (Feel free to click the YouTube pause button when you've seen enough...)

Pepsi's Lifestyle Marketing
Pepsi and the company's Mad Men traveled a very different road and discovered something quite innovative along the way. Rather than putting the product in the center of its ads, Pepsi focused on the customer, and his and her desire to belong.

Pepsi helped to pioneer lifestyle marketing in the 1960's, an approach which may still be embedded today in the DNA of social media and viral marketing.

Pepsi Pours it on...
This vintage Pepsi commercial is all about having fun. Pepsi is just along for the ride. But the underlying message is make it the ride of your life! Make every moment count.

Come Alive ...
That's real livin' when a Sikorsky chopper drops a vending machine in the middle of nowhere just to quench your thirst.

But notice that the brand doesn't make an appearance until half way through the commercial. Also, Pepsi defines young not by age but by outlook. To be in the Pepsi Generation, you just needed a young view of things.

You've Got a Lot to Live...
This is possibly the most sentimental of the retro Pepsi ads and it is focused squarely on lifestyle. It's about being a part of a youthful, vibrant generation that is unique, important and, sometimes, thirsty.

We love the line "put yourself behind a Pepsi, if you're living, you belong..."

We'll take a closer look at Coke ads soon.
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