Psychic Social Media: The Parking Lot Theory

parking lot

Theory Apocalypzia:
Just as gravity, magnetism and nuclear forces cause physical objects to come together, there are other unseen forces that cause living things -- or even events -- to cluster.

Social attraction is as real and as necessary a dynamic of nature as electromagnetic, gravitational and nuclear attraction.

In other words, for chemical elements to combine to become more complex compounds, those elements must be in close physical proximity with one another. Forces of nature inform and facilitate these combinations.

By the same token, for communities to rise and for offspring to come to be, the behaviors of people are informed and facilitated by observable and
necessary forces of nature.

Let's Get Physical: Love is an Essential Component of the Natural Universe
Corrollary Question: Are love and kinship any less important as scientific forces of nature than gravity and electricity?

Parking Lot Experiment:
The next time you're walking to your car in a parking lot, notice how often someone else is, at the same time, walking toward their car. In that situation, notice how often your car and the stranger's car are in very close physical proximity (within one or two parking spaces).

Notice the frequency with which there may be an awkward door opening moment or, when pulling out, one of you will have to wait for the other because you are parked so close together.


Bookstore Experiment #1
The next time you go to a bookstore to buy a particular book or magazine, notice how often there is someone standing directly in front of the book or magazine that you're looking for.

Notice how often the reverse happens, when you are blocking someone else from reaching for the book or magazine they're looking for.

Do these encounters result in an "excuse me" exchange?

Bookstore Experiment #2
In a bookstore that is not especially crowded, stand or sit in particular place for at least 15 minutes. See if a small cluster of two or more people seems to gather in the stacks or chairs near you.

Let us know.
Rupert Sheldrake suggested that we test this theory. Please help us do that and report any interesting findings to Apocalypzia.

What evidence have you observed that suggest this kind of social gravitation? What experiments would you suggest to test these theories?

Experiment Requirements:
Only an open mind and a spirit of curiosity.

Other than that, have fun with it...